Jason Findley

Jason Findley

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First Name * Jason
Last Name * Findley
Username * alanSmithee
Country * USA
City San Rafael
Nationality U.S. Citizen
Languages English


Current Position Artist;Concept Artist;Lighter;Modeller;Renderer
Areas of Expertise AdvertistingEducational ServicesGames ComputerGames ConsoleGames OnlineGraphic DesignPost ProductionPre ProductionPublishing InternetPublishing PrintSFXSculptureTeleproductionTelevisonVFXVisualisationWeb Designillustrationtoy design
Preferred Tools 3D Software:- XSI (including native compositor)- ZBrush- Mudbox- Silo- Cinema4D- Maya- Modo- 3DStudio Max- Bodypaint2D Manipulation/Illustration Software:- Photoshop- Painter- Illustrator- ExpressionAnimation/Matchmoving/Image Modeling Software:- MatchMover- Stitcher- ImageModeler- MotionBuilder- BoujouCompositing/Editing Software:- XSI FX Compositor- Shake- After Effects- PremiereWeb Design Software:- Flash- DreamweaverModelingTexturingLightingCharacterDesignSculpting


Availability: student
Website www.halfaloafofkungfu.com


my name is jason findley, and i am a recent vancouver film school graduate (september 2007).

my interest lies in character modeling. whether it be film, games, toys, or tv.


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